We as mom’s wear many hats. During this Pandemic, I found myself wearing a new hat, and that was the hat of becoming a Home School Teacher. My three-year-old became my inspiration behind this book series. Teaching her throughout the week I learned that she needed some extra encouragement when it came to subjects that were not that easy for her to comprehend.So what did I do?

I started incorporating Positive Affirmations for her to say every morning before we started learning and whenever she needed some encouragement throughout the day. The Positive Affirmations were not only helping her, but they helped me find the patience to continue to be the best teacher and example.

If you can, they can, and together we can. Thank you for supporting “I Can Do This Books.”

  • She wants to read the book every few mins. When she looks at the mom and daughter she says, that it's me and her. She loves it


  • Your book is so adorable and speaks to my soul too. You've inspired me to really want to give birth to all the children's books that I've written and done nothing but hold hostage on my storage devices since forever. Thanks for the unintended pushes for people like me. You Rock!!

    Baltimore, MD

  • My favorite story is Rahmayyah's story "I Can Do This". We have a new mantra now to remind ourselves that "I am Smart, I am Strong, I am Kind, and I Can Do This"